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Welcome to LearnAboutPawnShops.com!

Bills that will force pawn shops to CLOSE!

IF you use a pawn shop to cover a check that will bounce, put gas in your car, buy diapers/food for you baby, keep you lights on - you need to be aware of some bills introduced in Congress that will force over 13,500 pawn shops to close and force 30 million pawn users to pay bounce check fees, do without, or lose things.

Welcome to LearnAboutPawnShops.com! We are in the process of gathering information about pawn shops and the processes of pawning items for cash. We plan on having the best information about how a pawn shop works and what a pawn shop can do for you. Whether you are needing just $5 for gas or $100,000 there is a pawn shop that can help you!

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