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April - Diamond

Diamond is pure elemental Carbon, created deep within the earth under enormous pressure and temperatures. Colored diamonds caused by the presence of trace impurities.

The name Diamond comes from the Greek word adamus, meaning inconquerable and indestructable. Diamonds were worn to give the wearer strength, invincibility, courage, and magical powers over the dark side of life. Diamonds were the symbols of Kings and the very wealthy.

The Lore:
Legend states that Europeans first found diamonds in a Shamans leather pouch, who used them as other Shaman would use quarts crystals. Was thought to drive away devils, beasts, the evil eye, madness,to protect one from the plague, and if dipped in wine and water, had healing properties.

It was once believed that diamonds were fragments of stars and the gods' teardrops, therefroe they posessed magical qualities of the gods beyond the understanding of mortal men.

Westerners believe that the Diamond engagement rings symbolize eternal love, however in India, Vedics believe that diamonds should never be given to women, Vedics believe it's cold hardness is absorbed by the woman, making her cold and hard toward her husband and children.

Diamond is said to be an amplifier. If a person is good, it amplifies their goodness. If the wearer is selfish, evil, egotistical, it will also amplify these traits.

Mohs hardness: 10

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